ISO 9001:2015 certified company
Witset First Nations

A First Nations Company

Kyah Resources Inc. represents Witset First Nations and has entered into the following corporate enterprises as majority equity partners:

  • Kyah Resources Inc.
  • Kyah-Lemare Joint Venture
  • Northlink Supply Kyah Joint Venture
  • Kyah Rohde & Liesenfeld Logistics Inc.

Kyah Rohde & Liesenfeld offers a comprehensive transportation & logistics services offering to companies working on the B.C. west coast to develop projects, including LNG Projects, Pipelines, Mining, Wind Energy, Hydro Power, Transmission Lines, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, pulp & paper and many other industries linked to the development of natural resources in B.C.

Kyah Resources Inc. Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada Inc.

1095 West Pender Street
Suite 1130
Vancouver, BC V6E 2M6

Chris Best
   +1 778-373-5465
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