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Marine Insurance Agent

We provide marine insurance coverage service for all cargo movements, whether by sea, air or land. Our commitment is to providing an exceptional service at competitive premiums. We can arrange for the insurance of individual shipments or, alternatively, if you perform regular shipments, we can arrange open marine cover which can provide a more cost effective solution.

The purpose of a marine insurance is to protect the client against financial risks arising out of unforeseen circumstances. The carrier is not always liable for damage to or loss of goods. If the carrier is liable, his liability is limited, depending on the type of transport.

In an event of claims, we will handle all of your paperwork and assist in the follow-ups to help recover your losses with a minimum lead time. Not only do we aim to save you the time and hassle, we also strive to provide you with a peace of mind in ensuring your quality experience with our company.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Coverage for Physical Loss or Damage
  • Third Party Liability Cover
  • Cover for Fines & Penalties
  • Warehouse to Warehouse Extension
  • Cover for Concealed Damage
  • Debris Removal Cover