ISO 9001:2015 certified company
ROLI Projects

Project Freight Forwarding

Rohde & Liesenfeld is one of the market leaders in project freight forwarding and management. We provide forwarding and logistics services for the movement of materials and oversized equipment for a wide variety of industries and offer our clients a seamless portfolio of support services, from the initial planning to the final delivery.

We have a highly experienced and hands-on Management Team and project personnel, who fully understand the specific requirements of individual projects. Our services are tailored to meet the clients' individual requirements in accordance with the highest health, safety, security, environment, quality standards, social responsibility, compliance standards, and risk management policies.

Our mission is to manage all interfaces ensuring a smooth, efficient and seamless service by coordinating the numerous activities required to deliver a successful project.

All of which are carried out in accordance with quality standard ISO 9001-2015 as well as health safety & environmental standards ISO 14001.

Service Groups

Oil & Gas
Renewable Energy

Key Elements

  • Risk Assessments & Logistics Methods
  • Detailed Route Surveys
  • Viability Assessments
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Technical Drawings
  • Loading Plans
  • Lashing & Securing Plans
  • Lifting & Slinging Calculations
  • Supervision & Attendance
  • Customs Clearance & Documentation
  • Transport Insurance Coverage
  • Packaging & Installation Services

Project Handling Process

Phase 1: Preliminary Freight Services

  • Route Study and Transport Recommendations
  • Freight Ton/Volume Estimate
  • Consultation on all Transport Matters
  • Point of Origin Pricing Analysis
  • Risk Analysis - Insurance Requirements

Phase 2: Preparation Services

  • Recommendations for Packing, Containerization, Marking & Labelling
  • Outlining Loss & Damage Prevention Procedures
  • Identifying Marshalling & Staging Areas
  • Warehouse Sites and Consolidation Points
  • Issuance of Shipping Instructions to Vendors Worldwide
  • Establishing Communication with Clients, Vendors & Contractors

Phase 3: Pre-Shipping/Receiving Services

  • Off-shore Follow-up and Expediting
  • Order Call Forward/Expediting and Tracking
  • Arrangement of Inland Transport to Consolidation Point
  • Receipt at Warehouse/Consolidation Point
  • Inspection of Cargo (with Inspection Agency, if required)
  • Packing, Containerization, Crating, Labelling & Staging of Cargo
  • Review of Documentation and Marine Insurance Requirements

Phase 4: Export Shipping Services

  • Freight Negotiation
  • Booking of Shipment with Carrier
  • Complete Door/Door Air Freight Services
  • Consolidation /Containerization
  • Port Handling and Arranging
  • Issuance and Verification of Documentation
  • Expedited Handling of Letters of Credit
  • Prepayment of Freight Charges
  • Notification of Cargo Status to Destination Contractors, Custom Broker & Client
  • Supervision of Cargo Loading
  • Loading Surveys

Phase 5: Destination Services

  • Port Handling & Preparation for Arrival
  • Application for Road/Rail Permits
  • Customs Clearance Documentation
  • Site Delivery and Unloading
  • Verification of Arrival

Phase 6: Additional Services

  • E-Mail & EDI Communications Links
  • LTSTM Management Information System
  • Complete Logistics Management
  • Placement of Personnel to Job-sites
  • Third Party Solutions
  • SLP - Single Source Logistics Provider (In-House Solution)
  • Project Finance - EXIMBANK Consulting Service