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ROLI Projects

VAT Consulting & Management

We provide specialist assistance for managing VAT internationally. We assist companies in efficiently and ethically handling the costs associated with global compliance for VAT and related taxes. Our main responsibility is to assist companies in fulfilling their VAT obligations as efficiently as possible while adhering to legal requirements and minimizing expenses. We maintain our excellent standing with the tax authorities we work with in order to accomplish this successfully.

Businesses frequently find themselves juggling several new or current VAT registrations across several jurisdictions in today's globalized environment. For a business, managing these can be financially unexpected, technically challenging, and time-consuming. We provide multi-country services for VAT registration, VAT return, EC sales, and Intrastat filing.

In certain countries, conducting business necessitates the appointment of a local fiscal representative who bears joint liability for the entire amount of VAT your company owes the local government. This is frequently the case when non-EU businesses provide goods or services to the EU. In order to make sure your company complies with local VAT laws, we provide fiscal representation. We can also handle any relevant VAT duties on your behalf.

Key Services

  • International VAT Review
  • VAT Reclaim
  • VAT Registration
  • VAT Return Filing
  • EC Sales / Intrastat Filing
  • JPK, SAF-T Filings
  • Annual VAT Return
  • VAT Consultancy
  • Fiscal Representation
  • EORI Number
  • OSS / IOSS Registration
  • OSS / IOSS Return Filing