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E46 Race Car 61

E46 Race Series - RL 61

Rohde & Liesenfeld, Inc – RoliProjects has launched a new race car division to participate in the spec E46 GTU series at the Jacques Villeneuve designed AREA27 track in Oliver, BC.

The RL 61 car was built over the winter in 2020/2021 and testing of the car took place at the AREA27 track in June 2021 with professional race car driver Stefan Radzinzki behind the wheel.

The AREA27 track is located within driving distance of Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA offering R&L and our sponsors an opportunity to highlight our brands in front of a diverse array of corporate owners and industry decision makers in Western Canada and the Northwest United States.

The Races - 2021 Season

Race 1 - June 21 / 22, 2021

R&L takes 2nd place podium finish in first E46 GTU race at AREA27.

Rohde & Liesenfeld’s owner Jan-Ludwig Beringer stated “What an amazing result for a race car that was under development for only 6 months and new to the series”

R&L has a proven track record of making things happen and getting the job done and we have now taken that fast-track approach to launching our new race car and running it right from the start at the front of the field to finish 2nd place overall today.

Race 2 - July 10 / 11, 2021

R&L finishes 1st place at the AREA27 World of Speed race weekend in the E46 GTU Series at the Jacques Villeneuve designed AREA27 track in Oliver, BC.

Team owner Jan-Ludwig Beringer and V.P. of Projects Juliana Gibbons and her husband Paul were at the track and congratulated R&L’s driver Stefan Radzinski on piloting the RL61 race car to this 1st place podium finish in only the second race of the 2021 season.

The car’s sponsors include OXBO MegaTransport, Western Dimensional, SB Warehouse, FreightPal and FLS Projects Asia.

Team owner Jan-Ludwig Beringer stated “This weekend’s win was a great proof of concept for Rohde & Liesenfeld and it’s sponsors in taking this project from an idea in 2020 to a 1st place podium finish in 2021. Winning is always a great feeling and we all need more of that positive feeling in these post-covid times”

Race 4 - September 18 / 19, 2021

The RL61 Race Car, with it’s newest sponsor “FLS Projects Asia” finished 1st place on the fourth race of the season Sept 19th, 2021 at AREA27 GTU race.

We thank all of our sponsors for making it possible for the RL61 race car to lead the GTU E46 series being driven by Stefan Radzinski.

An expansion into the U.S. race series for 2022 is in the planning and we hope to be leading the points race for more sponsor visibility as we move forward with our racing division.

Our Sponsors

  • OXBO Megatransport - Scapoloose, OR
    Mega Transport Solutions - North America
  • Western Dimensional - Toronto, ON
    Over-dimensional Cargo Specialists, Rail Clearances, Engineering and Rigging
  • SB Warehouse - Oroville, WA
    U.S. border Warehouse, Customs Clearance, Deliveries into Canada
  • FreightPal - Los Angeles, CA
    Desktop Shipping Solutions - Print your label and ship!
  • FLS Projects - Asia
    Project Shipping, Asia Specialists, Engineering solutions for Projects
SB Warehouse
FLS Projects
OXBO Megatransport
Western Dimensional