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R&L Hosts Corporate Freight Forwarding Sponsors at AREA27 Race Track In Oliver, BC

Running a successful race car requires many of the same supply chain attributes as running a successful freight forwarding business. – a global circle of trusted agents, fast decision making, forward vision, detailed planning and cost control.

Rohde & Liesenfeld's E46 series race car operates as a successful stand-alone business under the R&L brand thanks to a dedicated group of corporate sponsors and this August weekend was all about giving back.

Sponsors were invited to a 2.5-day race car driving academy at the Jacques Villeneuve-designed AREA27 race track. The driving academy uses GM supplied ZL1 and SS model Camaros and drivers are given the option of either manual or automatic transmissions. The ZL1s are the more powerful of the two models with 650 HP and more aggressive suspensions.

Sponsors include:

  • FLS Projects – Laem Chabang, Thailand
  • Western Dimensional – Barrie, On, Canada
  • Hohmann Financial - Kelowna, BC, Canada
  • FreightPal – Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • SB Warehouse – Oroville, WA, USA
  • OXBO Mega Transport – Scapoose, OR, USA